Pure Distilling Copper Pot Condensor*

Pure Distilling Copper Pot Condensor*

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For enthusiasts wanting to make Grappa, Fruit Brandies, Grain based spirits & more.

It’s fast, efficient and easy to use

A pure pot still is used when you want the flavour of the wash to come through. For instance, if you ferment fruit or grains, it will allow some of that flavour to enter your distillate. If you use a reflux still like the Home Spirit Maker, you would just end up with pure, unflavoured vodka. Inject some flavour into your drinks with the Pure Distilling Pot Still!

Fast – 4.5L/hr with alcohol or 2.8L/hr with water

With an all copper construction for smoothness of taste
it comes with a digital thermometer and is simple to use.

Just switch it on and collect your alcohol – it couldn’t be simpler than that!

* Condenser only does not include boiler