Williams Warn Dry Stout

Williams Warn Dry Stout

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Dry Stout can only

A true Dry Stout with a compelling personality. Our Dry Stout has a black appearance from the crystal malts, roasted malts and roasted barley employed in the grain mix. The result is a great Dry Stout that has liquorice, roasted coffee and chocolate flavours dominating. The prominent hop bitterness level helps elevate the dryness, which comes from the roasted un-malted barley used. This product is designed to be used with 1.0-1.5 kg Dark Dry Malt Extract and water to make 20 litres of wort. Original Gravity of 1.040-1.048 (10°P- 12°P), fermented to a Final Gravity of about 1.010 (2.5°P), resulting in 4.5-5.5% alcohol by volume, 32 Bitterness Units and 50 SRM/100 EBC colour. 

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